About us

I am Gavin Clayton a South African citizen born in the Mother city of our country, Cape Town and therefore Capetonian. This place in our beautiful country has been the gateway of colonization which came about in the year 1652 according to Dutch history recorded of our country.

Let me allow you to experience this amazing part of South Africa namely the Western Cape with its breathtaking views, scenic drives, picturesque towns and mountains, namely the iconic Table Mountain. We also have diverse cultures and languages whereby we are referred to as the Rainbow Nation. There are lots of outdoor activities combining nature’s beauty with mountain and sea where two oceans, namely the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean meet. We also have rich marine and wild life activity to explore. Our climate is typically mediterranean, which is favourable for agriculture, such as our wine industry.

Since childhood days I was always fascinated by nature and took a keen interest in the beauty of our country. It is with this desire that I became a tour guide which has inspired me to establish this company called Ultimate Cape Tours.

Please contact us for your next Ultimate travel experience.